Agenda - June 2022




You are hereby summoned to attend the meeting to be held on Wednesday 8th June 2022 at 7.00pm in the village hall.  The business to be dealt with at the meeting is:

Signed…………………………………Clerk to the Council.  Date………………..

            Members of the public will be invited to comment on any items on the agenda, raise questions and make general comments from 6.45 until 7.00pm.

  1.   Welcome                                                                                       Chair
  2.   To receive apologies and accept reasons for absence.                  Clerk
  3.   To receive any Declarations of Interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any applications for dispensations regarding DPIs                                            Cllrs
  4. To resolve that the notes of last Parish Council meeting 4/05/2022 be

signed as a correct record.

  1. Update on Agreed Actions                                                          Clerk
  2. To receive the Clerk’s report circulated prior to the meeting.


Decisions required

                   i That the report be approved.

ii Operational Inspections- does the council proceed with quarterly inspections?

iii Community Park footpath- how should this issue be resolved.

iv Community Park bookings- should the council proceed with a phone in its own name?


8.    To receive County Councillor/District Councillor Reports   

9.    Community Park- to resolve future actions regarding provision of  sports pavilion.      

10    To propose the Council nominate a Councillor to undertake the work of the Proper     Officer and the Responsible Financial Officer, which is the Clerk when the Clerk is absent.


            12   Cemetery- general update

13   Financial Matters:

  1.  Annual accounts 2021-22

i  Approval of the Parish Council Annual  Internal Audit Report

ii Approval of Annual Governance Statement (section 1) for 2021/22

iii Approval of Accounting Statements (section 2) for 2021/22

iv End of Year Accounts and Audit Requirements – Submission of Public Rights- commencing 13th June.

  1. Clerks salary- review of pay scale

14   To resolve to accept revised policies:

  1. Standing Orders
  2. Councillors Code of Conduct   

15.  Planning Applications                                                                  AM/Cllrs

S22/0943- demolition of lobby and garage- erection of single story extension and detached garage- 4 Rectory Lane.

S22/1047-erection of single storey rear extension and the conversion of garage to habitable room-9 Oster Fen Lane,

S22/1046- demolition of single storey projection and garage/outbuildings and erection of single storey extension, along with alterations to raised terracing and steps, addition of two air source heat pumps- 2 Main Street,

Planning Results

S22/0667-Approval of Prior Notification Details- temporary change of use for a maximum of 2 years of agricultural shed to store red phone boxes inside building- 32 Main Street.

S22/0535- Change of use of land from equestrian to domestic use(C3) and relocate menage to former agricultural land- Ashgrove Hough Lane- approved 30 May

16.  Highway Matters                                                                         Cllrs

17.  Correspondence                                                                           Clerk

        State of footpath at community park

        E mail regarding the quantity of trees planted at the park         

18   Chairperson’s closing statements                                                 Chair