Agenda December 2022




You are hereby summoned to attend the meeting to be held on Wednesday 7th December 2022 at 7.00pm in the village hall.  The business to be dealt with at the meeting is:

Signed…………………………………Clerk to the Council.  Date………………..

            Members of the public will be invited to comment on any items on the agenda, raise questions and make general comments from 6.45 until 7.00pm.

  1.   Welcome                                                                                       Chair
  2.   To receive apologies and accept reasons for absence.                  Clerk
  3.   Vacancy on the Parish Council and application for co-option.
  4.   Signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office book- Richard Welby and Charles Barnascone.
  5.   To receive any Declarations of Interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any applications for dispensations regarding DPIs                                            Cllrs
  6. To resolve that the notes of last Parish Council meeting 5/10/2022 and 2/11/22 to be signed as a true and accurate record.
  7. Update on Agreed Actions                                                          Clerk
  8. To receive the Clerk’s report circulated prior to the meeting.     Clerk

No decisions required.

            9.     To receive Councillors Reports  

Community Park- update MR

            10.  To receive County Councillor/District Councillor Reports 

11.  Village Hall- general update                                                        SJ

            12.  Cemetery- general update                                                            PF

            13.  Financial Matters:

  a Updated Receipts and Payments  – circulated prior to the meeting.

b Purchase of Christmas tree from Rudies Trees- £98.20

c  Review and update of budget proposals 2023-24

d Proposal to curtail major expenditure 2023-24                         PF

            14.  Planning Matters                                                                          AM/Cllrs


S22/2163- single storey rear extension- 7 Redthorn Way


S22/1836-S73 application to remove agricultural occupancy condition- Aslea, Doddington Lane- granted 17th November    

15.  Highway Matters                                                                         Cllrs

16.  Correspondence                                                                           Clerk

      a Electric Charging points

 b LGA Model Code of Conduct- presentation Tues 17th January Grantham 6pm

17   Chairperson’s closing statements and hand-over arrangements to the new clerk.                                                                                        Chair