May 2020 Agenda


You are hereby summoned to attend the Parish Council meeting to be held on Wednesday 6th May 2020 at 7.00pm.  The business to be dealt with at the meeting is:


            The Parish Council is following government advice and that of NALC during the coronavirus pandemic to reduce social contact.  This meeting will be conducted through Zoom, the press and public will be invited to attend.



  1. Welcome & ground rules for virtual meeting circulated prior to meeting        
  2. Apologies for absence and reasons given  

3.      To receive any Declarations of Interest in accordance with the requirements

         of the Localism Act 2011 and to consider any applications for dispensations regarding DPI

4.       Notes of last Parish Council meeting 11/3/2020 to be approved (and signed at a later date).

5.       To accept written report from the Clerk (circulated prior to meeting)

          To receive any reports from councillors (circulated prior to meeting)

          To receive any brief and urgent verbal reports

6.       Future meetings- due to the coronavirus- resolutions to be made:

a) The Annual PC Meeting and Annual Parish Meeting be postponed with roles/responsibilities continuing as currently set out until May 2021.

b) Meetings until September (or later depending on government legislation) to be held remotely via an agreed platform, the press and public will be invited to attend.

7.       Community Park -To receive report from Cllr Freeman circulated by email on 27 April.

8    Financial Matters - decisions required/payments to be authorised

  1. LIVES - request for funding
  2. £30.00- SCIS – consultation.
  3. £465.44- C Clarke- salary and expenses April- June
  4. £696.61- Zurich Insurance- final year of 3 year deal
  5. £6396.44- S Hutton Ltd- work on cricket square previously authorised
  6. £95.88- Annual subscription to Zoom (via LALC)
  7. £496.75- shortfall for lighting control and floodlights at the MUGA
  8. £5850.03- PWLB- loan repayment

         i) Receipts and Payments Account to 31st March 2020 to be circulated

         j) Mrs Jackie Walton to be appointed as internal auditor for 2019/20 accounting statement.                

9.       Planning Applications and Results

          S20/0605- reduce ash tree- 9A Welfen Lane (tree preservation order)

          S20/0658- single storey dwelling- 17 Barnby Lane

10.    Highway and Footpath Matters – style and footpath Welfen Lane.

11.    Correspondence - urgent correspondence (decision required) only

12.    Chairperson’s closing statements                                  


Items 1-4: 5 minutes in total, Items 5-8: maximum 5 minutes each, Items 10-12: 5 minutes in total

Members of public- please contact the clerk by email before 7pm Tuesday 5th May if you would like to attend the meeting to obtain the required pass codes.  Also if you have a question for the public forum 6.45 to 7.00pm please could you let the clerk know in advance of your question so this can be addressed before the meeting.