Clerk's Report - January 2023

Clerk’s Report- January 2023

1 The next football match Trent Albion is scheduled for Sunday 8th January.  This has been booked with school but worth double checking.  Rachel Taylor will open/close the school.  To date no invoices have been received from the school- Trent Albion pay the full amount of £20.

2 Muga snagging issues- there are a few problems which Pugh-Lewis have promised to resolve- contact is Jonny King.

3 Active Holidays for Kids- the company – Finding Fitness- is changing its business model and is not in a position to offer holiday activities.  It has moved to providing play equipment-Monkey Challenge- and I will send you the email for information if required.

4 Copley Solar benefit- £16574 approx payable in Dec for the next year.  After the payment for 2023 there are 7 payments remaining.  To obtain this money we have to invoice the Foresight Group early December.  The money for 2023 has been received.

5 Invoices for the community park are made out at the beginning of the month for the previous month.

Newark Brazil pay £65 per month (except July and August)

Five A side play £12.00 each time the muga is used.

Trent Albion owe £225.00 –invoice them in January.  (They have already paid £225.00)

6 Precept-  email from Sue Scott  (SKDC) 4th November, the precept needs to be set in January.

7 I have emailed Anglian Water and Octopus Energy with Paddy’s email address for future correspondence.

8 The parish council website- who is prepared to take this on as training will be required or will the new clerk take it on?