Local Transport Plan

Update from tonight including the Local Transport Plan link:


  1. Local Transport Plan – we are consulting on the next LTP for Lincolnshire which will shape transport policy in our county for the next decade. The survey runs until December. You can review the documents and respond to the consultation at: Local Transport Plan | Let's Talk Lincolnshire
  2. Lincolnshire Climate Summit – LCC hosted a summit at the Showground last month to bring together organisations from across Greater Lincolnshire. The aim of the summit was to bring everybody together on that journey of more sustainable working. LCC has reduced it’s carbon footprint by over 50% since 1990 (above the national target), however as an authority we account for less than 1% of Lincolnshire’s CO2 emissions. Therefore to achieve real change the summit recognised that we need our partners and communities to play their part too, many of which already do.
  3. The Budget – the budget saw some welcome news for Lincolnshire. We were awarded £20m to make improvements to the A16 between Boston and Spalding, a key travel corridor for the Agri-food sector in Lincolnshire. Gainsborough town also received £10m for a regeneration project, encompassing shops, cafes and a new cinema. More generally, local government is to receive an extra £4.8bn, which is welcome news, however the detail on allocations has not yet been released, and this does not take into account the loss in business rates through those cuts announced. We still estimate at this early stage that Lincolnshire County Council faces a budget shortfall of £25-£30m over the next few years. To balance this we will need to look to utilise reserves, making further savings or raise council tax – or most likely a combination of all three. Our highways grant was cut by £12m last year, and whilst we have covered that shortfall this year, we cannot afford to continue doing this so we are calling on Government to reinstate this.


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