We have installed a defibrillator at the Village Hall. The British Heart Foundation supplied the defib,( in return for a donation to their charity) and the cabinet was purchased from The Community Heartbeat Trust. Both were funded by a donation we received from Network Rail, which was given as a thank you for the support of Exercise Georgiana (the rail crash simulation) in May 2013. 
We would like to thank the Village Hall trustees and management committee for their support in allowing the defibrillator to be mounted in the front porch of the hall.

All relevant organisations have been notified and we went live last week. The defibrillator is available for use via the 999 emergency service - this means that any member of the public needing to use it will be directed to do so when making an emergency call.
Although not essential, East Midlands Ambulance Service provides training in the use of the defib and we have contacted them to set up a training session for people in the village who are interested. Please let us know if you a wish to take part in the training.