Work is underway on a Neighbourhood Plan for Claypole! Thanks to the large number of residents who completed the recent survey, which provided great insight into how you see the future development of the parish. 

A required element of any Neighbourhood Plan is consideration of the need to allocate land for housing, employment or community use.  Depending on your views, the Plan may look to allocate site(s) for housing. There is no guarantee that the Plan will allocate land but in order to consider all options equitably, we are obliged to issue this call to Claypole landowners who are interested in promoting for development any sites that have not previously been submitted.

Our Plan must be in general conformity with the South Kesteven Local Plan, in which Claypole is defined as a small village. In a small village the Local Plan doesn’t allocate any sites for housing and supports only small-scale development within the existing village as explained in paragraph 2.12:

“In the Smaller Villages, there is limited capacity to accommodate new development, and whilst previously planning policies strictly limited development in these locations, it is the intention of the Local Plan to allow small, sensitive infill developments (generally expected to be no more than 3 dwellings) so that these smaller communities can positively respond to the housing needs of their people and fulfil their role as sustainable communities.”


If our Neighbourhood Plan were to allocate land for housing it could be within the existing village or on the edge. However, any site allocated for housing needs to take into account the settlement hierarchy in the Local Plan and the role envisaged for Claypole in relation to housing.

Please note that any response is a draft position at this stage and would not automatically bind a landowner to make any such provisions. Equally, the Neighbourhood Plan can only propose to allocate sites if they are demonstrably deliverable by 2036. Note that any potential land which is not put forward at this stage may not be considered for allocation.

Any site suggested should demonstrate how it reflects Claypole’s status as a small village; and the role envisaged for such villages as explained in the Local Plan. Please therefore include as much as possible of the detail below in proposing any site:

  • Ownership details
  • Timescale for delivery; when you anticipate the site could be developed – within 5 years; between 5 & 10 years; or beyond 10 years?
  • Any known barriers to development or land ownership constraints (such as ransom strips or covenants)
  • Have you had any contact with a developer?
  • Previous planning history; have you ever suggested the land for housing development to SKDC in the past or have you applied for planning permission in the past?
  • How many dwellings do you propose?
  • Any community benefits the allocation could bring; do you propose to include any other mix of uses such as employment or local services/facilities?
  • What type of dwellings do you propose - Market Housing; Social, Affordable or Intermediate Rent; Affordable Home Ownership; Starter Homes; or Self-build and Custom Build?
  • Proposed access to the site
  • Site name, address, area, map or sketch of the site boundary on a map.

Please submit your responses including all the information requested by 31st July 2021 to