Planning For Claypole’s Future

Planning For Claypole’s Future

Thanks to all Claypole residents who returned their Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire, sharing your opinions and ideas.  When the Plan is completed, it will form our collective vision of the kind of place Claypole should be, and how we want it to develop; South Kesteven DC will have to use the Neighbourhood Plan in determining any planning application in the Parish.  It will be a “guidebook” for the Parish Council, the Village Hall Committee, and other stakeholders responsible for shaping its future – not just in the way they respond to planning applications, but on the positive actions they need to take to reflect our views and needs.

Just over 30% returned their questionnaires, despite the difficulties in doing so – a high percentage for this kind of exercise.  And here is what we’ve learned so far:

    93% of you think Claypole is a great place to live; while the other 7% were worried that it was already over-developed
    You value the Community Park, the village hall, the shop, the pub and more, but you’re concerned about traffic volumes, speeds and parking
    You don’t want development for more jobs in Claypole, and some want no new housing at all; protecting the village character is important.  But a majority feel that there is need for some limited new housing – perhaps 11-15 over a 15 year period, mainly starter homes or homes for the elderly
    Many expressed ideas about how the village hall can be used – but what we need are volunteers to run events!
    The lack of an evening bus service heightens the lack of amenities for teenagers

And you told us a lot about yourselves:

    83% travel to work by car or motorbike
    Many work from home, but expect the numbers to fall post-pandemic

This valuable feedback will go into producing our draft Neighbourhood Plan.  Before it is finalised you will have a chance to vote on it, and then it will guide the work of the Parish Council and all of you who wish to volunteer to do something for the community.

If you would like to learn more about the developing plan, or how you can help, contact Andy Hey at or on 07795 291798.

Published: Thursday, 29th April 2021