Environmental Policy

Claypole Parish Council (CPC) recognises that its operations and activities on its

premises have an impact on the environment. It has responsibilities to minimise adverse impacts and maximise positive impacts.

Aims :-

In all its activities the Parish Council will aim to make a positive contribution to

protecting and enhancing the local and global environment.

To achieve this Claypole Parish Council will:

1. Meet all relevant environmental legislation and regulations

2. Regularly update and improve policies in light of increased understanding and knowledge.

3. Prepare, implement and monitor environmental action plans for its assets.

4. Minimise the consumption of all resources used in its operations and consider the lifecycle impact of purchases. In particular reduce the use of single-use plastic where possible and  recycle waste paper etc.

5. Minimise waste in CPC activities. Recycle and reuse waste materials where

possible. Provide facilities for recycling where possible if not already done so by SKDC. Dispose of all necessary waste through safe and responsible methods.

6. Minimise energy use and emissions to air. Use renewable energy sources as

far as possible. Recommend energy conservation technology where

applicable (including insulation, low energy light bulbs, low water use toilets)

7. Respect and protect natural resources through conservation and good


8. Encourage users of CPC owned grounds to enhance biodiversity to encourage wildlife and plant-life where appropriate.

a. Cleaning fluids, weed killer, polishes and glues etc. should be as environmentally and least damaging as possible. Bleach and solvents harmful to the environment to be avoided.

b. Glyphosate (and all generic rebranded substances) should be banned from all CPC grounds following widespread links to cancer.

9. Where possible use contractors and suppliers who

a. have an environmental policy which meets best practice and is updated


b. are local, thus minimising transportation and supporting the local